Client Services

Sales & Business Communication

Produce effective proposals and presentations.

Learning Solutions

Develop training to educate your employees and/or customers.

Technical Writing

Document your products, services, and best-practice processes.

Editing Services

Get fast and effective online proofreading at


Solutions Across Services

We offer flexible help for your Technical Writing, Learning Solutions, Editorial, and Sales & Business Communication needs:

  • Meet Your Deadlines with Project Help. Our talented team is ready to assist you at any point in your project from analysis to evaluation.
  • Save Time and Money. Avoid rework with style guides and sheets, boilerplate, and other job aids.
  • Come Back with Confidence. We keep detailed project histories so that we can step in and help you easily and quickly in the future.
  • Teach Your Team. We offer presentations and training for groups on writing and editing best practices.

How We Work with You

We work flexibly and collaboratively with our clients, freeing up your people to focus on other responsibilities. You can turn an entire project over to us or our team members can perform specific tasks to help you start, finish, or evaluate projects. We can work on site, off site, or a mix of the two.

  • Information Design Consulting. We do audience analyses, communication audits, and needs assessments to determine training and development needs.

  • Full Project Outsourcing. You pass off an entire project to be managed, developed, and delivered by our team.
  • Shared Development. If you need writing services or an instructional designer on a current project, our team partners with you by taking responsibility for specific deliverables or specific project roles.
  • Peer Mentoring. Our team works with your team to train them during the development process.
  • Team Member Placement. We provide writers, editors, project managers, instructional designers, proofreaders, artists, or desktop publishers to fill a role on your team.

Get Help

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