10 Reasons to Get a Proof from Double-Check

You finally finished the 137-page proposal, and your eyes hurt from gazing into the soul of your computer screen for so long. What's worse, you've gone over the document so many times, you can't remember if you are actually repeating yourself or just re-reading the same sections. Do you ask for a proofread because you can't stand the thought of reading this one more time, or do you get one because you know you can't catch the things that need to be fixed?

Whether you are trying to convince yourself, your boss, or your team, we are here to help with ten compelling reasons to get a proofread from Double-Check.


Double-Check is a service offered by McKinnon-Mulherin Inc. Double-Check proofreaders are professionals with degrees in English, communication and education. More than 90 percent are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and all speak English as a first language. All Double-Check proofreaders are tested rigorously.