Writing, Editing, Instructional Design

Your words represent your company. McKinnon-Mulherin combines strategy, content, and technology to create high-quality corporate communication from reports and proposals to presentations, training programs, and employee manuals.

No matter where you are in your writing or training project, contact us. We can help. From creating a proposal outline to designing web-based training to editing a user guide or any other project task, we have skilled team members at your service.


Project Help

We offer analysis, design, writing, editing, formatting, and proofreading help for the following:

  • Sales & Business Communication—proposals, articles, copy, press releases, brochures, letters, and newsletters
  • Technical Writing—user, reference, policy and procedure, and employment guides; white papers, case studies, and test plans; and system, product, and process documentation
  • Learning Solutions—web-based, instructor-led, and blended training courseware development and training support
  • Editorial Services—all written material from a tweet to a treatise to a textbook

Team Training & Tools

  • Training: We offer courses and presentations for groups on writing proposals, editing, and conducting up-front analysis. Call us at 801.895.4745 or email info@mckinnon-mulherin.com for more information.
  • Tools: We can help you save time and money and avoid rework with style guides, style sheets, boilerplate, proofreading checklists, and other job aids.

Double-Check Proofreading

Does your document need a review? If so, get a fast turnaround on a proof. Visit our Double-Check site at www.double-check.us. We'll make your document look good.


McKinnon-Mulherin's approach focuses on up-front planning to help our clients save money and prevent rework. We believe in taking the time at the beginning of the process to ensure that we understand our client's goals.

We follow up-front planning with iterative development, and, if called for, review, testing, and evaluation. We get buy-in from you every step of the way so that we deliver your solution on time, within budget, and without surprises. When finished, we make sure you are happy and note anything we might do differently next time. We keep a backup of your deliverables and a project history, including key players and company information, so that we are prepared to help with future projects.

We believe our process produces the best results, but our top priority is to collaborate with clients. We can expand and contract project phases to work within the time, budget, and resource constraints that our clients may face.

Up-front Steps

Get Help

Contact us to discuss your project at 801.895.4745 or info@mckinnon-mulherin.com. You also can send us a message. If we determine that we can help you, we will either schedule another call to collect more information or send you an estimate on tasks, time, and cost, including our assumptions based on our conversation.

Sign Paperwork

If you accept our bid, we will send you our contract to review. Once signed, we will create a Statement of Work (SOW) against the contract and send to you for review. We also will sign an NDA, if necessary, and any other paperwork you might require.

Schedule Sales Call and Kickoff Meeting

We will schedule a sales call to introduce the team members who will be working on your project and to schedule a kickoff meeting, which we can conduct via phone or in person to make sure we align our expectations with yours.

We're a Little Different

McKinnon-Mulherin does the following:

  • Hires employees—not contractors. We test, train, and mentor our team.

  • Keeps a project history so a new person on a project can get up to speed on your processes and culture quickly.

  • Conducts a post mortem and a sales satisfaction call on all projects so we can continue to deliver high-quality work and hone best practices.


What does it cost?

Call us or send an email and tell us what you need. We will let you know what questions we have and send an estimate to you. If you want a quick proofreading estimate for a document, go to www.double-check.us.

Can we get a witness?

Yes. We have references and testimonials for all of our services and are glad to share them. You can even call a client if you'd like. Send a request to info@mckinnon-mulherin.com or call us at 801.895.4745.

Where are you located?

After fourteen years of working in an office, we decided to go virtual. As an office without borders, we have flexibility and a nationwide presence. Our team gets together frequently to discuss projects, offer training, and exchange tips, tricks, and tools.

Get Help

Call us. Email us. We are eager to help with your projects.